July 3rd, 2008

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I'm working in PSCS2 and I can't get my quick mask to work. I've restarted the program and my computer and it's still refusing to comply. I'm just using the Q button, as I don't know any other ways to do it. Anyone have any suggestions?

Edit: Just tried using the selection tool with quick mask and it works fine. The problem is apparently using a brush with the quick mask. Help? :(
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Okay, I know this question has been asked and answered like 29847309846 times, but I can't for the life of me find it anywhere in the memories or otherwise.
I'm going to attempt to be as least annoying as possible, but can anybody redirect me to a tutorial (or just tell me) about capping images from a Youtube video? Is that even possible/legal? I know about ImageGrab and planned on using it but it appears to require the opening of a video that's been saved to my computer, and I can't do that with a Youtube video afaik.
I have PSP9/AS3, if it makes any difference.

Making brushes 'glow'

I just Photoshop CS2 and I just downloaded a pack of brushes and I was very taken by the effect the brush maker used in the image for their pack.
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I searched through the archive but I could not find a tutorial to help me. Does anyone have any idea how I can achieve a similar effect? Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks!
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Applying Makeup Tutorial


I’m working with Photoshop Elements 4.0. To my knowledge this can translate to all programs.

We are going from this Photobucket > Photobucket.

How to Apply Makeup: (We will be learning how to apply makeup and to enhance the skin and the picture in general.) I wouldn’t say you have to be advanced to do this tutorial, but you do need to know photoshop a little bit. I’m not going into detail on minor photoshop elements.
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Does anyone have any tips on saving icons as gif files (to keep it under a certain size, for example) without making it look too grainy? I see some icons that look like they're a good quality PNG file for example, but it turns out it's just a gif which retained its good quality appearance.

I use Photoshop7. Thanks!