July 4th, 2008


color !

i randomly came across this image on photobucket:

and having no way to contact the original creator, i was wondering if anyone knows the secret to this kind of coloring in photoshop? i have seen others use it and it always catches my eye, but i forgot to ask.

any help is appreciated !

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 I'm new to Photoshop CS, as i've been using Paint Shop Pro for the last 3 years. Could anybody tell me the basics of making an icon on Photoshop CS, or send me a link to a tutorial that would help me? Thanks in advance.
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Text tutorial on troubleshooting

Text tutorial on troubleshooting of some technical moments arising from new (and even experienced) iconmakers that I promised to write.

Time showed that some of my visitors (especially english speaking ones) have troubles with using my resources. These troubles can be divided into 3 groups:

1) my Photoshop doesn't identify .rar files, what is that?
2) what is .pat or .abr file and how can I use it?
3) I have older version of Photoshop (or using other program) and the resources don't match, what can I do?

Now I'll answer all these questions.

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Hello, this is my first post here, but I recently found these icons below - cannot remember whom they're by :/ - and was wondering how one could possibly achieve this kind of coloring:


They just look very vibrant and kind of yellow-y. If you need to see originals to know how much of a change it produced, just ask because I have them. ^^

I have both Corel PSP X and Photoshop CS3.

Edit: I have both, but would prefer to use PSP - but only if I could get the same coloring in it; if PS is better, then I'll use that.
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Tutorial #2 - Eric Delko (again!)

Go from this: to this:

Program Used: Photoshop CS
Involves: Color fill, color balance, curves, and selective color
Translatable?: Yes, if selective color layer left out (many images look better without it anyway)

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Other icons made with this tutorial (most have been adjusted a little to suit the image better):
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Layer masking tutorial for Photoshop

This is a tutorial about layer masking, as requested with this post at my journal by library_of_sex.

Going from these red carpet shots Photobucket Photobucket to this Photobucket in five steps.

It explains the basics of layer masking and although I'm assuming you know at least a little about Photoshop, it's very beginner-friendly. It was made in PS CS3, but I know nothing about other programs, sorry.

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mini-movie icon help & a question.

hi. [: okay, so i'm looking for a tutorial on how to make a mini-movie icon like this:

credit to pixiegirl131415.

i checked the memories but i didn't really see anything, although i might have missed it. i'm using PS CS3 and i don't have that jasc animation shop or whatever it's called. the video i want to use is in .flv format, so.. does that mean i would have to convert it first before attempting my icon?

and for my second question:

my quicktime needed an update a few days ago, and when i updated it, it messed up all of my files. i set all of my files back to open with photoshop, but quicktime keeps resetting it so that everything [[even .psd files which doesn't make any sense]] opens with the quicktime player. so now, whenever i try to open something through the file->open option in photoshop, it crashes. BUT, if i have my "my pictures" folder up and i tell a file to open with photoshop through that folder, it works just fine. however, this is very annoying and it lags my computer, so is there a way to fix this without deleting quicktime?

thanks in advance for anyone who can help. [: