July 7th, 2008

coloring help

Can anyone help me to find some tutorial for get this coloring, or if someone knows how make the coloring with PS9. I never saw this coloring before and really appreciated your help, thanks.


made for   http://www.flickr.com/photos/alwaysinmymind/


I made this icon a while ago, and I really like the coloring I made, but I forgot how I made it.

Does anyone know some similar tutorials how to achieve this coloring? I'd be very grateful.

From Bad Quality to Brilliance

Have you ever found a lovely screencap that's taken at just the right moment but the image quality is poor, dark, and grainy with flecks of green and purple where they just don't belong? Yeah, it sucks because each time you try to edit out it comes out either too green or too yellow or just gross. This actually worked for me.

Made in PS7 and non-translatable except to other versions of Photoshop.

Go from this:
Eeeew to

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