July 9th, 2008

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Resizing and Texture Questions

Recently, I've taken to joining a lot of icon awards communities and they all have the same requirement that an icon be at most 40kb in size. For one of these contests, I made an animated icon, but unfortunately, it's 215kb big. Does anyone know if there is any way to resize it (.GIF file) without really affecting the icon negatively in terms of resolution? I appreciate any help that is given. ^^ I use Photoshop CS2 to make my graphics.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! =D
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Grey's Anatomy Prom Dress Colouring Tutorial

Other Examples:

NOTE: These other examples might include modifications…

So here's another tutorial. This is the colouring that was inspired by Izzie's pink prom dress. It's a really easy colouring to accomplish. Have fun! :) Please don't claim as your own work. Love to read your comments and see your results!

~ Uses Photoshop ~
~ 5 steps ~
~ Comment at my PERSONAL JOURNAL: uremy1 ~

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tutorial list

hello I was switching internet browsers, closed one down and forget to transfer my bookmarks *pulls hair* so ive lost every tutorial ive ever had i was wondering if anyone had the following tutorials or any newer tutorials? ive looked through archives and found a few but i guess some got deleted maybe. thanks or the help

1. list of like 100 icon tutorials (also had some animation on it i think like 5)
2. any animation tutorials anyone might have (text,flash,etc.)
3. any tutorials you just think i should look at lol

thanks again guys anything helps

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Hey :)

Can you maybe say , where I can find these textures?


And I need something like these textures:

... And at last I'm searching for a tutorial to get this coloration:

I hope you can  help me =)

Thanks (:

black + white

hey guys, i'm new to photoshop and i have a real quick question.
whenever i use a black and white picture (or colored picture, just desaturated) and try to add a color fill layer or colored texture, the layer automatically turns to black/white/gray. how can i keep the textures colored?
i have ps elements 6, but i'm not sure if that affects it.

thanks in advance.
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