July 12th, 2008


could any one help,

I'm trying to get this effect on my avie:

And I know how to do it, but maybe i've accidently turned off something, but lately it's not letting me do it anymore. It's not highlighting red when I drag the rounded rectangle tool onto the avie. Nothing happens at all.

Here's a cap of my photoshop (cs2) so if anyone can spot something thats wrong, let me know please!

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Moving Icons?

Im using Photoshop CS3 first of all.
And I've heard alot about imageready...and masks and Im just plain ol confused as to go about making icons that are animated...is there a special program in photoshop cs3 thats called image ready that lets me make icons that have like a little movie?

A general step by step would be lovely :D
THanks in advance to anyone who helps me!
|| dean winchester


hey i hope i can ask this here cause it has to do with icons. but im wanting to make some animations and i dont have a screencapture program for my computer that works for Macs. anyways i have a avi of the movie parts i want to make into a gif icon. but i dont have a program so i was wondering if anyone knew of a program that works on macs that can make the avi file with screencaps frame by frame.

i hope that makes sense. anyways thanks for anyone who can help me.
sebastien, ciel 2

tutorial find

hey! someone posted a tutorial about the day before yesterday for an icon that was a girl in the bottom left-hand corner with her arms and back against the wall and i thought it was really cool except i forgot to save it to memories Dx. if you are or know the person who posted this tutorial, please tell me.

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Text doesn't show up in PS7

Okay, I have this problem with photoshop 7. This problem came up just yesterday, I writing a text with photoshop etc. But then, when I started a new text, no letters came up. I've tried different text sizes (biggest as possible, and smallest), zooming, different fonts and stuff, but I still can't see any text. I can see what I've wrote in the layer title, but nothing happens in actual image. You know what it could be, and how I could fix it? :o

Here's a screencap too.

-coloring tutorial-



made in photoshop cs2
textures: yes 

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Hi, I checked the memories and couldn't find anything about a problem like this. I use PS7 and I can crop and resize things, but every time I try to make it 100x100, it turns out the size of an AIM icon, instead of an LJ one...I've tried everything I can think of, but nothing changes. Could anyone tell me how to fix it? Please and thanks!

lee dong wook


Hey there icon-ists.

I am currently trying to improve my icon skills. There are many different styles of icons out there and the one I am specifically seeking guidance with is:

  [both icons belong to/were created by [info]kuppycakes]

My greatest difficulty is achieving the type of text effect used in icons such as these. If I could figure it out, I'd set it as a style and be good to go. Here are 2 examples of what I've been able to come up with:


Close.. but not quite.

So, anyone with advice, tutorials or resources - I would appreciate your help. :]

I use PS7.