July 13th, 2008

Hana no Mizo Shiru- Not So Long Ago

Image Ready Question

I've recently been trying to learn how to animate avatars through ImageReady, but I've only done it once. I would like to learn more, and I have found tutorials for animating (and very good ones, they are), but they all mention this: File --> Import --> Video in Layers/Frames or something like that. When I look in that section on my ImageReady (it's the one that came along with Photoshop CS2, so I'm not sure if that makes it ImageReady CS2?), all I get is Folder as Frames, Variable Data Sets (which cannot be clicked), Twain Acquire and Twain Select. Is it a glitch, or is the Folder as Frames command really the one?

Thanks for taking the time to read it, and any help is appreciated. ^^
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A Coloring Question

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on what coloring/textures would bring out pictures with snow in it.

If this is not allowed, I'm sorry, but I was just looking for some new ideas. I work on PS CS.

Thanks again!

Does anyone know?

I'm not usually one to post about colourings, but this is a really, really nice colouring i'm extremely interested in having. I was wondering if anyone had an idea or tutorial on how i could do it?. I use PS CS3!

Images from Ash-Tisdale.org!

stupid thing.

Everytime i open my photoshop i see this message and that message: The scrach disk is full, and then my photoshop closes.
I tried to delete the actions but nothing, i try to restart the photoshop, i did, i tryed everything!!!! This comm is my last chance...

please, help me!

Emily Browning header tutorial

I'm looking for a header tutorial. It's somewhere here on LJ but I just can't find it!
The background is light blue with clouds, has an image of emily browning & a large moon just above her head.
if that's not really descriptive enough, the lovely ullaaa has a similar version of the header here. (no, she doesn't know where the tut is either)

So, if you've seen this tut please let me know! :)