July 15th, 2008

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agh!! How do I make..?

First and foremost, I forgot completely who made these AMAZING textures, so if you know, feel free to tell me! :)

Secondly, this is one of my FAVORITE texture sets EVER, I am in LOVE with it. I was wondering if anyone had any pointers or tips on how to make ones like it? Collapse )
adam ;; those eyes baby eyes.

just a quick question!

I saw a tutorial on this and I, fool that I am? Forgot to save it to my memories. DOH!

faithbyreaper's icon, don't be ganking it. I just wanted it to help ask the question. Which is the light texture thing? How do I do that? :x I know it had something to do with pen tool but I can't remember what! :'( Help! Pretty please? I'll give ice cream out!
Faith can kick your ass

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I'm trying to make an animated icon. I've looked in previous tutorials and they've been very helpful but I have one problem.

I'm trying to put together two different scenes into one icon, so when I try and crop one scene the crop is off center on the other. I'm rather new to photoshop imageready (I have CS2, if that helps) and I just can't figure it out! I've tried selecting the pieces I want cropped one way and it automatically crops all the images. D:

Any help or advice would be more than welcome.