July 19th, 2008


Seeking some tuts

Hey all,

I used to have a ton of good coloring tutorials but I lost all my bookmarks and thus, all my tuts. :( I'm looking for a good tutorial that makes the red in an image stand out. I think you know what I'm talking about. If not I can try to post an example. Anyway I'd appreciate it if someone could link me to a tutorial like that they might already have in their bookmarks/LJ memories/etc.

Thanks in advance!
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tutorial number bazillion

here's another one i cooked up from messing around today.  it's mainly soft light and exclusion layers with a touch of screen and colour burn (:

so, you can get this colouring in nine easy peasy steps:

* used photoshop
* very translatable

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Coloring Tutorial

So, I have created a new website where I will post coloring tutorials when I have time. The following tutorial is my first entry for my site and since I made a little mistake in this community yesterday, I am going to make it up by posting this tutorial. Hope you guys like it.

-Done in PS CS3 but translatable!
-6 Easy steps!

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Unsharpening a picture

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone knew how to unsharpen pictures, because I find that no matter what I do the pictures I use to make my icons always have unnecessary sharpness. Or, if you know of any High Quality stock photo sites, that would be awesome!

Thanks in advance

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Hey everyone. I'm having a big problem with the images I'm trying to make on my version of Photoshop CS3. Originally, I thought that reinstalling the product would remedy this error, but of course it hasn't.

Now, I've checked the FAQ and I understand that screwy text is a common problem with PS if, for some reason, your image's res is off. But I've checked through every image - both base and icon - that I've been using, and the res is 72 pixels for each, so obviously that can't be the problem. So, instead, I thought I would take a screenshot of the problem.

As you can all see, I've created the text layer, but am unable to see it at all. This is true for every image I have tried to work with in the past week. On top of being unable to see the layer after creating it, I cannot see the standard blinking text cursor when I am trying to type; additionally, when I try to highlight the text to see where it is (by clicking the mouse tool, for instance) nothing is highlighted, even though the program obviously registers the text layer as being there.

This is a really big problem for me, guys. So, uh. P-PLEASE HELP ME?
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Claire from 'Lost' icon tutorial

This is a Claire from Lost tutorial, made in CS3. It's super simple, super short (five steps!) AND has no selective colouring. Whee!

Go from -->

Please be aware that because I've written everything in this tutorial out, step-by-step, I WILL NOT give out a psd. The BEST way to learn how to use your graphics programme and how to make icons is to experiment. Take the steps of this tutorial and incorporate them into what you already know to add your own spin on it.

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See my other tutorials here. If you have any questions about how I make my icons or wish to see a tutorial on a certain icon, comment to ask and I'll see what I can do. Sometimes I forget how I made something but I'll always give it a go to see what I can come up with.