July 20th, 2008


Tutorial #1 || Bill Kaulitz

This is the second tutorial that I do but the first that I post here, I hope that it's clear enough explained (since I am not very good explaining, and less translating in English :_ xD) buuut I hope that it uses you as something ^^

How to make this:

in english and spanish (for spanish version see my livejournal!)
needed: photoshop and image ready

Click in the cut to see it :D

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Big Problem

Ok I looked in my custom shape tools trying to find the striped and bird shape, but there not there?
 Where are they? I use Photoshop CS2. If your could help me that would be great :) thanks
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Colouring Help

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a tutorial or knew how to achieve colouring like these and how to get the textures to pop out like they do in the icons.
I'm using Photoshop CS3

I'll give a few examples:

Also a bigger image colouring after the cut

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the icons are by hurtillusions  
I did ask the creator if they had a tutorial or how they made them.. but they said they just found it by fiddling around :(

These are some of the nicest icons I've ever seen and I'd love to do something like that.
Thanks for the help,
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decrease kb of animated icons

Hallo! I just made an animated icon, but it is too large for lj (50kb). Is there a way to decrease the kb of animated icons? I see so many icons here which can be uploaded - but if I make exactly the same one, the kb is always very high!
any tips?

thanks in advance!


There is probably another community for this as it's kind of off topic, so if I get in trouble I'm sorry. I have Adobe Elements 5.0 and it's been running great for a whole year. However, today when I open it the User's License pops up and when I hit "accept" it tells me that it's not working and closes promptly.

Has anyone had this happen before and what can I do to correct it?
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Edit: Solved! I managed to recreate something very similar, here, thanks to everyone who helped! If anyone, by chance, wants a tutorial on that coloring, I'll gladly put one up.

The former post:
Well, if this isn't seven shades of embarrassing.

I'm trying to achieve this coloring:

The original picture is this here.

Please don't tell me to ask the original maker, because that's the embarrassing part, since that would be me. I just saved the .psd incorrectly, and now all adjustment layers went to hell.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!