July 21st, 2008

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Remember this is just a guide, don't follow it exactly. Things will need to be toggled depending on your image and what you want your icon to look like.

Comments make my day, as does seeing what you come up with from this tut =P

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Emily VanCamp Retro Colouring

Other Examples:

NOTE: These other examples might include modifications…

Hi… again.
Thought it was time for another tutorial. This one is very easy to do. Not many steps to go through. Hope you enjoy! :)
Please don't claim as your own work. Love to read your comments and see your results!

~ uses Photoshop ~
~ 5 Steps ~

~ Please comment at my PERSONAL JOURNAL: uremy1 ~

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using image ready

hey guys, i am not exactly doing an icon but instead a banner. but i hope you guys can help me out here. so i've done my banner and i wanted it to move. i used image ready. on image ready, everything is fine. it moves in sequence bla bla bla. but when i save it, it doesn't move!

(am i making any sense to you at all?)

did i do something wrong? i am using photoshop 7. do i save it on image ready or ps? what file am i supposed to save it in? gif? i am running outta my mind! i looked at the memories but they don't really explain in detail this saving part. maybe i'm a bit dense but seriously, help me out here. because i am doing it for a friend so i am running out of time! pls help!

Photoshop question about layers

Is there anyway to save a group of layers, so I can apply those settings to different photos without having to make selective coloring layers, solid color layers, etc etc over and over again?

I tried googling it and the only thing I found similar was layer styles, but I'm not interested in saving drop shadows or whatever.

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Prepping and Coloring an image in PS:CS2

I made this tutorial using Photoshop CS2, but it will work fine in PS Elements and will probably transfer just fine to other graphics programs.

You will be using the blur tool, polygonal lasso tool and feather as will as fill layers and several blend modes. There is no Selective Color in this tutorial.

We will be going from this to this
(See the end of tutorial for actual size of finished image)

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Please let me know if you see any mistakes or if something is not clear and easily followed. If you have any questions please ask.

I screwed up and posted this with a link back to my journal yesterday and I would like to apologize. I haven't read the rules in a while and forgot about that one. Yes, I have now reviewed the rules. :)

Thanks. :) phlourish_icons
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Avril Lavigne sketch/drawing

Does anyone have the link to the Avril sketch/drawing tutorial that was posted a month or so ago? I looked in the mems and didn't see it.

From what I remember the end result was a picture of Avril and it faded, top-to-bottom, from normal into a black and white drawing. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Edit - Found!