July 22nd, 2008

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Animation questions?

First of all, thanks to those who helped with my last question about PSDs. Your input is appreciated.

Now, for my question about mini-movies in IMAGEREADY.

1- My animation palette disappeared after I switched the file to PS. And even when I click the 'animation' thing in Tools, it doesn't appear. How do I fix this?

2- Text: what is the best way to add text at the end of a mini-movie? I've tried to follow tuts but it either appears in every frame, or doesn't appear at all. And how can I add a text brush at the end, but I'm mostly concerned about adding text properly.

3- The animation listed in this journal is great, and the timing has a lot to do with it. What do you think the timing is for the animations? Or, what timing works for you. Whatever I try, it goes by too fast.

The first and second question are the most important. And sorry for asking so much, I'm still learning. :[
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I hope this is allowed, as this question can pertain to icons as well...

I'm trying to make a background for my computer using photoshop. But every time I put it into the paint program to set it as the background, the paint program tells me that if i want to set it as the background, I have to save it first.

So I tried re-saving, then saving under different names and exiting out of paint and so on...NOTHING...

Does photoshop mess up with the paint program or something?

I've tried different images, ones not made with photoshop, and they work just fine. But as soon as I use an image from photoshop it freaks out and wont let me make it my background.

I'm also wondering if it will affect anything else, like icon-making and stuff...

I use photoshop 7.0
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[Mod Post] Some rules and reminders

Hi, gang!

I have seen the same rules broken over and over and OVER in the last few days and it's starting to make me twitchy. I'll be away for most of next week so let's get the house in order first, shall we?

All of these rules -- among others -- can be found in their entirety in our userinfo, but in summary:

1.) As of June 1, all posts linking to tutorials in other journals or websites became verboten. Want it here? Post the content here.

2.) *.psd files never have been, are not, and never will be considered "tutorials" as far as this community goes. We operate on the "Give a man to fish..." proverb here. Doing something for someone is a short term solution; we are in the business of long-term ones.

3.) LJ-cut. Seriously. There is no bad time for one. When in doubt? Do it.

4.) No bashing of other users. Ever. For any reason. If you think something is ugly, go to iconrants but don't bring it here. It's fine to point out to someone, NICELY, that they are breaking a community rule*, but this community is not an artiber of taste and so, when you're posting here, neither are you. If you think something needs to be deleted pronto, look at the community userinfo and contact a/the mod(s).

5.) Seeing someone else breaking a rule does not give you permission to do same. Mods are people too, and sometimes it will come to pass that 2 - 3 hours can go by where none of us has a chance to get to the community. If you see that someone "got away" with something at 10:30, and it's now 11:15, that doesn't mean you should try it too. Really.

As always, feel free to contact me / us with comments and questions. I know there are a lot of rules, but they're there for a reason and they are always subject to change. Even if you've been a member for two or three years, it never hurts to look.



*Though please, do exercise good judgment on backseat modding. Most of it accomplishes very little.