July 26th, 2008

POTC - Captain Jack - Pirate

[Mod Post] Please be good!

Hi gang,

I'm about to go on my summer vacation. (A week in beach house with my boyfriend's 10 aunts and uncles and 17 cousins... *gulp*) This means I will be tired, sunburnt, and without access to the 'net until Friday, when 6 days' worth of everything, including my job (which has top priority), will be clamoring for me to catch up.

You are in the far-more-than-capable hands of yueni and aquamarcia, but please remember that they are also busy people with lives, and when we are minus one mod, things might not be taken care of as quickly as you might expect. Also bear in mind that any comments made to posts by yours truly won't be seen, because they're e-mailed to me, not them.

Please be good! Read the rules before you post and be gentle to your modly mods.

Starting an 8-hour drive bright and early tomorrow,