July 27th, 2008



Please can someone tell me how to achieve the coluring of the icon I've right now.. the thing is I actually was the one who made it but I really don't remember anything of how I made it though I think I used layers only.
oh and I use PSP 8.0
Thanks in advance!
Hello Kitty Purple

Image Ready Help

I was working on making an icon from this tutorial: http://community.livejournal.com/icon_tutorial/5281793.html?page=3#comments

My question is does anyone know how to make the animation work?  Anyone have any pointers about image ready?  I REALLY want to make cool icons that animate but I can't seem to figure out image ready.  Does anyone know any tutorials that I could find?  I'd appreciate any help.  PS: I'm new to photoshop & image ready, this was my 3 or 4th time using the product and I made at least 3 icons already which I don't think look bad at all but I would LOVE to make it animate.  Thanks for any help!