July 28th, 2008


Yellow screencap colouring.

- WORKS WELL ON: Photographs (normal toned also!), screencaps, good quality scans.
- Created in Photoshop CS3, but it works in older versions (f. ex. PS7)
- Not translatable.
- Involves selective colouring, colour balance, curves.
- Difficulty: medium.

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White layers when loading .avi clip in CS3 Extended

I'm trying to make an animation gif using a video clip. I have it shortened to what I want using Windows Movie Maker and converted it using a program from .wmv to .avi since avi is supposed to be supported by CS3 Extended. I go File > Import > Video Frames to Layers > pick .avi > load > From beginning to end/make frame animation > ok. I just get a lot of blank layers. What am I doing wrong?

Faster Animation?

Okay so, I'm pretty sure a lot of others that have Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended have this problem.
I make icons and avatars to submit to Iconator, and I hadn't been for a while until now. I hadn't really made many since I got CS3 last Christmas, and before that I had CS so I had to use Image Ready to animate. Now all of the sudden when I make animations, they're regular speed when I preview them in Photoshop, but then when I preview them in the web/upload them they're so slow.

For example, this avatar is supposed to be practically twice the speed that it is when I upload it.

Does anyone know why?

By the way, there are no repeating frames, my delay is set to 0 seconds, I've tried making the file size as small as it goes. It still doesn't help. I know people have posted about this before, but no one's gotten any responses that help me. :\
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