July 29th, 2008

photoshop question

So I'll be working in photoshop fine for like, 30 minutes, and then when I try to cut/copy something and paste it somewhere it won't work. It'll just keep pasting the image I used before it. I've tried everything. ctrl +c, ctrl + x, edit -> cut, etc. Normally I just close and reopen photoshop, but that's such a hassle. Anybody know what's up?
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Requested on one of my two icon posts and I thought a few other people might find this useful.

Going from this: Photobucket to this: Photobucket
Made in Photoshop 7, and uses Selective Coloring.

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I'd really appreciate it if you left feeback and asked questions at THIS post at my personal journal. I have another very image heavy version there that might be a little more helpful if there was something that confused you in this post along with a .psd.

icon help

okay so i've been trying different tutorials on gilmore girls screencaps, but nothing seems to look good. does anyone know any good tutorials for gilmore girls screencaps?

thanks in advance.
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Colouring Help?

I'm planning on making a HUGE batch of WWE icons for a challenge and I was looking for colourings I could use on multiple icons.
Well I've found two that I love but I'm not quite sure how to get them.
Or at least; how to get them without using channel mixer; colour balance or selective colouring.
Examples of both are under the cut and I would be ever so grateful if you could show me how to recreate them or even redirect me to a tutorial.

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Collapse )Even vaguely similar colourings would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.