July 31st, 2008

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I really love this coloring. They all look like they have same coloring technique.
Can anybody find similar tutorial for them or something? I would ask the maker, but
i'm too much of chicken shit. If you could find something that be great :) I use photoshop cs2

made byi_we_you
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animated .gif help?

if anyone can help me, that'd be awesome! i keep re-reading tutorials but nothing seems to help me, so maybe i can get it right here.

alright, i'm using photoshop CS, imageready and this is the tutorial that i'm following.  so, i'm trying to tween some text (step 14) so that it fades in from the background into the actual text just like the tutorial's final result comes out.  however, whenever i do it, the entire frame(s) go transparent and then tween into white.  basically i'm wondering how to just tween the text itself and not the background? 

if you're helping and need anymore details, just ask.  thanks in advance!

Trouble when saving images

Hi! I'm having some trouble with the brightness, colors and quality of my icons, you see when I'm working on photoshop I do the coloring and everything looks perfect (I can't show pictures because apparently it only looks wrong when looked on my pc), so I save them in .png or .jpg for bigger graphics. When I go look at them at "my images" or put them as wallpapers or upload them, the quality looks awful and the colors are dull and sometimes the yellow looks green, but again they don't look like that in photoshop, so I have to go back to photoshop and enhance the saturation or brightness/contrast by a lot. This didn't happen to me before, does anyone know what's wrong? Or what do I need to do to make this stop because I'm getting sick of it =(. Why are my graphics looking so differently once saved than in photoshop?

Thanks in advance, I really hope someone knows how to help. Oh and I use Photoshop CS.

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Layer tutorials

I'm using PS7 (and hopefully CS3 soon) and played around a lot with blending layers lately. I've also tried my hand at adjustment layers and while reading a tutorial a couple of days ago (or the comments to a question?) about setting an adjustment layer to screen. It made me wonder if there were any general tutorials on adjustment layers and with which settings they work well (so far I only used Normal at 100% most of the time). I tried looking in the memories, but didn't find anything that could really help me (and I'm hoping I didn't miss anything obvious there)

I'm not someone who can go step by step on tutorials as I'm someone who wants to play around a lot and I need some understanding/inspiration on how I can use adjustment layers to get more out of it than I'm doing now.

(Also, anybody who could supply me with a link to a list of English-German translations for the different modes would be loved. Soft Light might be easy to translate, but some of the others aren't)

Since I got a comment about saving as a .png instead of .jpg... is there such a big difference?
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question about brush quality

Hello! I have a quickie (hopefully) Photoshop issue for you all. I use CS2 on a recently reformatted iMac (reinstalled PS and all my patterns/brushes/assets as well). Now though, when I use a brush it looks completely pixelated and grainy rather than smooth or in focus. When I use the brush with the eraser tool, it appears just fine (but it creates extra steps, as you can imagine). Any ideas? Am I missing a setting? I haven't used brushes in quite awhile (I generally stick to large textures, because I make websites).

ETA: *headdesk* 10 years in this program and I never saw the blend mode associated with brushes, specifically. I changed it back to normal and the balance of the force has been restored. Ya' learn something new every day!