August 7th, 2008

Power in ones hand

Flickering firelight.

Okay I poked through the various tutorials and I apologize if I did miss this.

How can I make flickering flame light?

To explain, I'm looking to make it look like a campire or a fireplace is off 'screen' but is glowing/flickering on the image I want to put into an icon. I would love to see this tutorial if one is available.

Again, thank you in advance and again apologies if I missed it in the archives.


I use Photoshop CS 3.
demi :)


hi everyone!

i was wondering if anyone could help me out in something!
there's a tutorial for a colouring, right here on lj, and I was wondering if anyone could find it for me, because i cannot find it anywhere!
all I know is that it's a tutorial with a Kate Moss picture

thank you in advance
XKCD - btw i'm strange

Tutorial - Gradient Maps

Gradient maps are a fantastic way to add colour and contrast to an icon, so I wrote a basic tutorial on how to use them. Since it's not the "from... to..." kind of walk-through, here are a few examples of icons that rely on gradient maps for their colour:

Collapse )

Questions, corrections, additions? Please let me know! (P.S. Sorry for the wrong post, mods! I'm ridiculously paranoid about that kind of thing, but even skimming the rules, just to make sure, I missed that change. *headdesk*)