August 8th, 2008

  • xilaii

Coloring Help.

Hi, I don't normally post around here, and don't usually like to bug people for help, but I want to get this as right as I possibly can. XD.

I'm trying to get this:

From This:

I know its only a subtle difference, but the coloring in the top one is perfect for so many things I want to do with similar game screencaps.

thankyou in advance. XD.

A couple of questions :)

Hi everyone.
I am new to he whole icon thing but REALLY wanna learn.
I wanna learn to make icon like THIS & THIS. I use PS CS2

So here are my questions :

1.How do I do colors like the 1st one?
2. The background in the 2nd is that just a pattern?
3. How do I get my fonts to have that outter 'glow'?

Thanks SOOOO much!
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(no subject)

When I open my Photoshop and I go to make a selection or move a picture, or do anything really, my cursor is a hand and I can't move or select anything. What do I do to get everything working again? I mean, the hand doesn't show up everytime I try to work with an image?

I use Photoshop CS3