August 12th, 2008

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How do you get this 'extra sky' effect, and any advice on how to get the colouring? I use Photoshop 7. Any step by step sort of guides would be amazingly helpful. Thank you!

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how do you?

Ok, so I've looked in the memories and I can't find it >.<

How do you make it so that theres a circle or oval surrounding something, and like, everything else is in grayscale, except whats inside of the circle?

and then how do you get another circle to be the border of the area that you just made colorful?
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Transparent problem.

 I have a serious problem that's making me really frustrated.
when I try to paste or even drag a picture in photoshop to another window, it appears 
with a black background... even though I know it's transparent.
How could I stop this...?

I use PS7

And if I'm not supposed to be posting this here, let me know.
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CS3 tutorial, Rose from Doctor Who

This is a CS3 tutorial that involves optional selective colouring, gradient maps (as far as I know PSP and non-CS PS have no alternatives?) and a mini-tutorial on masks.

The original post is here and might contain comments that could be helpful as well. If you have any questions about technique or about other icons please leave a comment over there, I'm willing to do request tutorials.

Go from this: to this:

Because I've written out this tutorial, step-by-step, please be aware that I will not give out any psd for it. The steps are quite detailed and I'm more than happy to answer any questions about anything done in it. Experimenting and adopting certain steps into your own icon process is the best way to learn how to use your graphics programme.

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Curves help

Something just happened with my Photoshop CS and I have no idea what/how/how to get it back.
I was following a tutorial using curves, with inputs/outputs with numbers like 179. Everything worked fine for the first curve or two then suddenly the program started saying that I need to use values between 0 and 100. Apparently it changed to percent?

I can't find where to change it back.
If I open a friends .psd using a curve layer I know the values in it appears to have been "translated" into percent, cause it sure looks the same as the finished icon I've seen before.

Anyone who knows what might be going on and what to do?
I am certainly not a newbie when it comes to Photoshop, however I don't play around with curves very much on my own so I'm not that familiar with that particular area of the program.
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Tutorial No 2

Kristen Stewart Tut

Go From     To >>

                                            Programme Used: Photoshop CS2
                                                             Not Translatable
                                                                  Steps : 8

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the dutchess and vogue
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Third Tutorial (Im on a roll)

Doctor Who Icons Tutorial 

Go From

 to  > > >

                                                        Programme Used : Photoshop CS2
                                                         Translatalbe: I dont know Possibly
                                                                          Steps : 6

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