August 15th, 2008

1D; spare me what you think.

Please Help!!

I've had psp8 for a while, but recently had to re-install because of a comp-virus. And now some of my settings are maybe different than I had them.
I'm having a problem with my text right now. When I try to make a text-icon, the text is too thick and a little blurry. My old icons have a thinner text that I want to get again. Hopefully a setting is just wrong and someone can help me :D
Here are two examples of icons, one with the thinner text like I like, and now the thick text that I don't like (both are same font):

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I really appreciate any help! Thanks!!!
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This is my first tutorial for a big image so bear with me! :D
Here's what we'll be aiming for:
(resized to fit profile rules.)
All my tutorials are of Avril ><;
Done in Adobe Photoshop CS2 [4 lyf]. Lots of selective coloring! All layers are set to 100% opacity unless otherwise indicated.

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I'd love to see what you got.
And sorry if you already added it to your mems, it got deleted because the image was too wide.

can someone help me?

I know lateley i've been asking were to find these colourings & not posting any of mine know
i have 3 of them to post... i will a.s.a.p! but please can some one help me find these colourings on these icons
sorry theres lots. 


that's all
thanks for ur help (: