August 16th, 2008

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Selective Colouring

Okay, I just got a free trial of Photoshop CS3.
After a long long time of PSP, I want to take advantage of Selective Colouring on PS.
Basically, just post your favourite tuts involving Selective Colouring.


Hi, I am using the "Pen Tool" [photoshop 10, CS3] and when I tell it to "Stroke Path" it doesn't simulate the pressure, it doesn't make the edges go thin, and it turns out like this:

PLEASE, can anyone tell me what can i do to make it simulate the pressure?
Or give me a link to any tutorial that can help me.

Thank you.
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(no subject)

Okay, I'm looking for some tutorials on colouring in-game and CGI screencaps.

It's not quite like colouring photographs,
But not quite like colouring Anime/Manga.

Maybe something inbetween?
Any pointers/links?

Thanks in advance. x
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three questions!

How do you make text with a small outline and/or just the outline in photoshop cs2? And how do you add a shadow to text in cs2?


(both of these images belong to chaos_queen2502)

I know how to do both of these in paint shop pro 8, but I'd rather not have to make icons and images using two different programs to get this effect.

Also--the way I know to add text like this in psp8 involves vector and raster layers. I don't know how to make a blank raster or vector layer in photoshop, is this even possible?

(no subject)

Can anybody guide me through to some tutorials to get this coloring,

I dont no who made it,..Psd will also help:),

And Can you tell me where i can find textures like the one on the icon..

Thnk you,.
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