August 18th, 2008

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house icon tutorial question

I checked the memories and I couldn't find anything that pertained to my question, so here goes nothing.

i've never been able to fix the color on it. it's kind of hard to explain how they're so awful, they just are. too dark, too... purple-ey.
and i've gone through some tutorials kind of aimlessly without finding one that i really liked.

see, i want to be able to get results like this:

the icon's by little_b0xes
and i use PHOTOSHOP CS2

if you could help me out by pointing me to a tutorial that's like this or something, that would be FANTASTIC! Thank you!
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No images through this thing, sorry. I had to merge layers so I also couldn't save the .psd and such. But yeah, my bad xD; This is just a colouring tutorial, and please keep in mind! IF YOUR BASE IS NOT THE EXACT ONE AS MINE (or similar) DO NOT FOLLOW THIS EXACTLY. Play with the settings.

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