August 19th, 2008

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Help With Photoshop Commands

I'd always been happy enough with what I did in Photoshop CS2, even though it meant that I only used what I knew how to use, but now, it's starting to irk me a little. I was wondering if anyone knew of a tutorial (or could explain) that tells me what these tools are used/can be used for and maybe how to use them?

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Sorry for the extensive list, but I'll be applying for universities next year and I'm hoping to get into Art School and I'm afraid that I'll be horribly inadequate. Thanks for any help in advance! =D
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 I was wondering if anyone knew how to make textures like this:

by ???
I only have this one and I use it way too much so I wanted to try and make my own, any help is appreciated =]

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Requested by thespian_muse and seriouslywir

(these are not the exact same ones you requested, but the procedure is the same since I had to remake them.)

    Difficulty: Easy
    Contains: Brightness/Contrast, Curves, and color balance.
    Translatable?: Yep.
    .PSD: Yes xD

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    Difficulty: Medium
    Contains: Channel Mixer, Selective coloring, curves, brightness/contrast.
    Translatable?: Afraid not.
    .PSD: Yep. I suggest you read the tutorial first though, since it's hard to understand w/o it.

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Sorry for the bother.

Hey-sorry for the trouble,but I was wondering,how do you get a texture/background design behind an image?So far I only know how to get it to overlay an image on multiply.

For example:

icon by kanfufighting,btw.

sorry if this has been answered,or for explaining incorrectly.
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