August 24th, 2008

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Hi, this is an icon that I created following a tutorial and I saved over the PSD by mistake, it was one that many people use to give Supernatural Caps a brownish color, if you know what I'm talking about :) I hope someone can help, thanks.


Tutorial 3 (St. Trinian's)

The problem with St. Trinian's caps is that the blue of the uniform doesn't shine. I changed this and made the lips and hair more shiny :)

It goes from to in 5 steps. (works the best on kelly caps or any other caps where the blue, red and yellow should come out brighter)

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Texture help

Hey does anyone know how to make textures like this:

(by peoplemachines i think)

I remember i came across a tutorial a while back but I never got to read it and I lost the link :(
can some plz help?
THanks alot.

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Name That Effect...

 I don't usually like posting an icon and asking how to achieve the same effect but I thought this was really interesting and I've been messing around in PS for days to no avail. It's probably something ridiculously simple. Unfortunately I got them from someone who didn't know the maker (let me know if you do!). I'd be really grateful for any ideas you might have.


Avril Lavigne tutorial

I think I'm posting a tad much. Oh well! :)

Today we're going from: to this:

Using Color fills, Channel Mixer, Color Balance, Curves, Levels, and a texture
Program is Photoshop CS3
There is NO selective coloring, so I think it's translatable.
PSD included in original post!
Around 12 steps.

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You can find the .PSD and please leave your comments here. Thanks!
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(no subject)

 by unknown. how do i achieve that coloring, dont have the orginal, if you do please provide! (who is it? i will try to find it)
 by parachute, how do i achieve that coloring, dont have the orginal, if you do please provide! (who is it? i will try to find it)
 by unknown same as first two questions (: btw, i dont have original for that either // thanks in advance..

I use ps cs3 and psp9
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Trouble Opening Video File in ImageReady.

Sorry for the trouble again.
But,does anyone why,when I open the .avi file in ImageReady,it's all blank?
I've been trying to make a gif icon and downloaded and converted a youtube video with Youtube Downloader for it,but when I open up the file in ImageReady,nothing but white frames show up.
Is there another way to get through this,like change it to another file type or something?
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how to create abstract background?

Sometime ago, I found at deviantart graphic that looks like a cellphone advertisment. And I so love background in it, but absoulutely have no idea how to achieve that look. Well, I assumed that it's use of some filteres maybe brushes. Maybe any of you have idea how to get that look?

Thanks in advance.

I'm using Photoshop CS2