August 29th, 2008

samardzija - stovall high five
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High quality halftones?

Does anyone know how to achieve this? --- I believe it's a high quality, high contrast halftone, but I'm not sure if someone just blasted the contrast on certain parts of the image before halftoning, just erased some of the facial details, or what. Larger image included after the cut. Thanks much.

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irfanview question

I've been looking for a tutorial on here that can help me with how to crop off the black sides on a screencap.

this is an example of the image i am speaking of: HERE from my Notebook screencaps. (the dimensions of this image are 1128x480), the DVD itself had a European aspect ratio of 2.35:1 (which is WHY it has the big black borders) this was odd for me but luckily KMPlayer had it as a default aspect ratio.

ANYWAYS, thanks to anyone that can lead me to a solution!

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This is probably an easily solved problem, but I'm somewhat new to Photoshop and I cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on.

When I go to make an icon using a black and white photo, any time I go to add a colored texture to it like these, the texture turns black and white also. How can I fix that?

I use Photoshop CS2, by the way.
the many faces.

this coloring, perhaps?

does anyone have a tutorial, or a link to one, that could show me how to achieve this coloring - or something close to it?
here's the picture with the coloring i desire. LINK (graphic by SAFA).
with the greenish and the reddish/orange?

thank you! xoxo