September 2nd, 2008

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dude, where's my animation window?

I'm sure I'm just being REALLY stupid, but I've never had this problem before, and I can't find my animation window in ImageReady. I was hoping someone could help! I've seen this happen to people before, and it's just hiding behind a different window, but that's not it cos I've checked. I also checked that I have animation selected in the window menu. I can't for the life of me work it out :s and now I'm beginning to think I've gone mad or am being really stupid...


Thanks in advance! (also, I hope this is okay to post here...)


could you post the tut or effects, whatever for these pictures? i really really want to know them, badly. i use photoshop cs3.

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I tried to make a gif.
But it is VERY grainy at parts, i'm wondering if anyone has a solution
I do have a program that can make a custom palette of colors for each pictures, but what am i supposed to do with it?
I'm using CS3, and the program i mentioned before is Ulead GIF Animatior
Size does not really matter because it's not an icon.

thank you~

i know that someone else has asked this, but the advice from there did not work so im asking again.

Help with 2 effects.

Hey guys,

i seen these effects around and i love them but don't know how to do them.
I have pspX2.

Ok so the first one i found at outspoken kate

 The effect has a tutorial but its done in ps is there anyway i can do it in psp?

2nd one is this
not sure who owns it sorry. I love how the eye is done any help?

Thanks guys

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