September 3rd, 2008

Merge visible ?

I have a question 'cause I do not understand this, nor my teacher (school's ps classes) and I hope someone can tell me the answer.

In this image there are tons of flaws and the job is to make it look great. The thing is, that after every fix the int. says you have to merge visible layers so obviously it flattens the image. But, at the end you have to have all the layers available and so you can edit them later on. I have tried to click off the eye option on some of the layers, but after merging and trying to turn it back on, the effects are suddenly gone even if I move them on top of the merged shot.

So what on the Earth I have to do so I can merge visible without getting the picture only on one layer ?


I know this isnt an icon please delete if u must:

hello im trying to make a collaboration of photos of myself for my husband to use as a wallpaper on his comptuter at work (at his request), but I want it to look nice since "everyone" is going to see it i was wondering if there were any tutorials or anything to give me ideas. i have about 6 or 7 photos to work with. please and thank you!

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I made this quite some time ago, before my computer crashed and I coincidently lost the PSD file. If anyone can help me achieve something resembling the colouring I would be soooo pleased.

The screen cap it was taken from is under the cut.
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Ot3 boys


Ive been strugging to find a decent tut for making these screencaps:

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I have Photoshop Elements 2 with the add-ons
If someone can point me in the right direction, i'd be greatful


Lady Lola - Reign

Flashing light

Alright, so I looked through the archives and I didn't feel like I found a tutorial that helped me out. I'm trying to make an icon out of this picture:

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And I want to animate the light on his head so that it flashes (I'm using the big picture instead of the icon so you can kind of see the light better). And I'm not quite sure how to do it. I'm using Image Ready.

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