September 4th, 2008

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I don't think this has been posted before... I was wondering how I can get an effect like:

- by letsey_x ?????

I don't wanna know the coloring technique just how you blend 2 pictures like that. I've seen a few icons around LJ with this effect and I would like to try it on some of my icons, so if anyone knows how to achieve this I would greatly appreciate any and all help!!

Cheryl Cole

Animation program question

Does anybody know of an animation program (similar to Animation Shop or Image Ready) that works with Windows Vista please?

I currently us Animation Shop 3 but I might have to change my operating system (my computer is not working well at the moment and needs upgrading) and that won't work with Vista I don't believe and although I have Photoshop CS3 I don't have the extended version so don't have Image Ready and don't want to a: lose the ability to make animations or b: shell out around £800+ for a new version of Photoshop CS3.

I have looked on Google but not got very far.

Thanks in advance.
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Good quality icons from low quality images

I'm trying to make icons out of this image. I've tried to improve the quality of it but sharpening/blur/changing the colour balance etc, but I'm not happy with the end product. I used to use Photoshop Elements 2 but recently I got Photoshop 7 and I'm still getting used to it. Are there any functions in Photoshop that I can use to improve the quality of that picture? Or are there any other ways I can improve the quality?

These are the icons I have made (but I'm not happy with them)

Also, I've noticed that some graphics I have made look good in photoshop, but once I have saved them/uploaded them, the quality decreases. Can anyone tell me why that happens?

Thank you.

DVD screencaps?

Hi, I was wondering if any one knows of a good automatic screen cap program for DVDs? I'm having problems with KMPlayer, which I usually use for screen caps, it won't open my DVDs, and my computer freezes every time I try. If anyone has any other programs they use where you can set the frame rate, I'd love to hear about it! I also checked through the tags and didn't find anything about this! Thanks in advance!