September 8th, 2008

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Can anyone point me towards some great font and text tutorials? I don't know how to do much with fonts, mine are really boring.

Also, does anyone know of any tutorials dealing with backgrounds? I don't know how to get my icon subject in front of a cool background unless I use the pen tool. I have shaky hands so I suck at the pen tool. I hope there's another way!

Lastly, does anyone have any gradient tool tutorials? This is one tool that I just don't get. Thanks so much, any help is appreciated!

Edit: I use Photoshop CS2.

(no subject)

Hi everyone. So I was wondering how I would go about making an animated icon like these two:

both made by the ~dazzling~ seekingwords.

I had a few tutorials bookmarked before and I know there are some around but I can't seem to find them anymore. Also just wondering where I could find the texture she used in this icon?

tysm~ if anyone can help me out. :)

Newbie Here

I'm Sorry if this has been asked before but 

I JUST got Photoshop Elements 6, I'm still playing around with it.

Could anyone tell me simple directions to make animation?  I have one and it's supposed to be rain, but it isn't transparent over the image.



Violet coloring

I wanna find some tutorials with violet/ lilac/ purple coloring. Could anyone give me some links? Preferably the tutorials where the main colour is achieved not by using violet texture but by coloring.