September 9th, 2008

Disney Tutorials?

Does anyone know where I can find tutorials which will work for Disney icons-or for other animation icons, for that matter?

I know there is a post in the Archives somewhere which is full of wonderful Disney tutorials, but I've been searching for a while and have just about given up.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you!
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Gossip Girl screencap fixing tutorial

wyelinchiu asked how I changed screencaps into the images I use for picspams or banners, so here's a tutorial on fixing screencaps with Photoshop. I use CS3, but most Photoshop versions will be able to do this, since it's really basic. :)

I'm using an example from my picspam for Gossip Girl 2.01 Summer kind of wonderful and credit for the cap goes to marishna.

So we're going from Photobucket to Photobucket.

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ETA// Mods, is there a tag for screencap fixing techniques or something akin? I couldn't find one, but you'll probably know. :)
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Kristen Bell Icon Tutorial

This is my second tutorial in the history and mi first icon tutorial here!!
I've done it today and... I hope you like it and you understand it!
I've put the psd file too because my PS english vocabulary.. isn't a great thing!

How to go from THIS --> TO

- DOne with Adobe Photoshop CS.
- Level - Easy.
- Includes the PSD file.

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Two more examples under the cut
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