September 15th, 2008

Mickey Mouse Stock


I am using Adobe ImageReady and I have Photoshop 7.
I have made an animation in ImageReady but it keeps saying the file type is PSD.
How do I make it .gif so I can use it as my icon?

EDIT: so thanks for helping me with that part, but how do I make the size small enough to upload it as an icon?
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Coloring help!

First time poster!

I would love some help with how to get this coloring/these colorings:

by msteenqueen 

Some similar tutorials or a quick description would be much appreciated!

(I'd ask the maker, but she doesn't seem to be active on lj anymore.)

Please help!
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Nao (Kagrra)

Icon tutorial (with texture)

-For Photoshop CS (or previous)
-Basic to no previous photoshop knowledge needed.
-If you have any comments or doubts, please bring them to inconformista for faster answer, or leave a comment on this entry and i'll get back to you as soon as possible~

So we are going from THIS IMAGE (Nao-Bassist of Kagrra,) to this icon:

Please note that my photoshop version isn't in english, it's in spanish. So i had to guess how things are named after in english if i couldn't remember lol.

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