September 23rd, 2008

Help, please -w-!

well first of all, excuse my English so bad.

Graphics [AT] InnocentWorld in lastfm

What interests me is to know, how can I give that approach for a picture? is Sharpen? Or some other filter? Or something?

ñam 10x in advance
rob water for elephants lean on elbow

Tutorial Request, please.

Hey! So this is my first request. I normally just post tutorials...
I'm looking for a BEGINNERS animation/mini-movie tutorial. I've searched through the options on the left but none really show beginners tutorials. I don't even know how to make screencaps. :(
The programs I have are:
--Adobe Photoshop [I'm pretty experienced on]
--Imageready 7.0 [which I've never even opened]
--Windows Movie Maker [is there a way to cap without having to move the bar every second and cap and save?]
--Paintshop Pro 7
--Animation Shop [which never seems to accept the videos I try to import]
--ImageGrab [which I just downloaded]
and I think that's it.
edit : ~> I'm willing to download any free program you recommend.
I know I seem complicated and I apologize.
Please if someone could help an ammature. Thanks in advance!

edit, never mind, i figured it out!!

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I was wondering how I would be able to achieve this colouring? I use Adobe Photoshop CS3. Any tutoirals that are similar would be wonderful. I'm sorry I don't know who made the original icon. Please feel free to tell me if you know so I can credit them.