September 24th, 2008

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PSP7 - Error Message.

I have checked the memories, so I'm sorry if I have overlooked it somewhere and its been posted twenty million times before.

I've just tried to save an icon in PSP7, it saves fine as a JPEG & PNG but I like to keep a backup psp file incase I may want to update it at a later date and I keep getting "an error has occured while trying to save the image." I've used PSP for over five years now and I never ever had this before now this is the third or fourth time in a matter of days, and usually I just copy and paste the layers over onto a new icon and it saves fine. any idea why it hates this particular icon?

EDIT - Saved as PSD to reopen in photoshop and works fine, still unsolved for the moment as to why it doesn't work in PSP though.

coloring help.

Ok well i work with lots of supernatual and twilight screen caps
and i can never find good colouring to i'm wonduring if you all
have colorings for supernatual and twilight caps
thanks i use photoshop cs
thanks again.
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Making animated icons with CS3?

My question: I would like to make animated icons and have used IR with CS2 before.
I'm using CS3 now and I understood IR has been dropped. So, is it possible to create ani-icons with CS3? I looked through the help section but couldn't find an answer. Or do I need another programm? (If so, which one would you recommend?)
Thank you.
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Everytime I want to make a Veronica Mars icon, the screencaps' colour kills me! Literally.
But, one of these days, I stumbled across a icon post and it had good VM icons with a good colouring.
I already asked the maker, but she/he hasn't replied, maybe she/he doesn't check lj that much.

So I was wondering if you could help me with this colouring:

by rock_rival at earthslasthope

I use Photoshop CS/CS2.
Thank you.