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This is driving me crazy. I've spent three days trying to find the psd I used and tweaked to get this coloring, but I can't figure it out. I'm hoping that someone can help. I use PS 7 and PSP 9, but the coloring was made in PS 7. Thanks in advance!

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Coloring help?

Hey everybody! i've been apart of this community forever and this is the first time i've ever posted. :S

I've been wanting to color my icons with a specific coloring for a long time, but i'm really bad at experimenting. I was hoping somebody could help me or direct me to some tutorials similar to these icons:

by: furious_angel

by: prettyfancy

i've tried asking the icon makers, but had no luck! thanks in advance...any help will do. :)
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Textures/Brushes Guide

red_fullmoon requested a "how to use textures" guide and I have to took me quite a while to write this. I had absolutely no idea how to go about it. There are already some very good guides out there and subsequently not everything included in this guide has never been explained before. But I hope that there are some bits in here that you guys will find helpful nonetheless.


I included two different .psd files for almost every icon featured in this guide:
1 - a .psd that includes only the layers used in the example
2 - a complete .psd with all the layers, including the coloring
Please use these as inspiration only. Don't copy my icons. If you're looking for a texture or one of the original images I used please just ask. I'll do what I can to make what you need available.
PSP users: Feel free to request step-by-step tutorials for any icons you want! I know the .psd files are pretty much useless for you. Sorry!

Image Heavy! This is more show than tell, so please be aware that there are quite a lot of 100x100 images behind the cut!

Please direct all questions and comments to this post @ distractiions! Thank you :)

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Please let me know if you have any questions, if I messed something up or if any images/links don't work! (My server has been acting up a bit lately, so I hope everything looks the way it's supposed to...)

Comments are really appreciated.
Credit for the .psd files is not necessary.

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How can i make an icon similar to this in PSP?
Also, i know i'm probaly not allowed to ask this here but where can i get the heart they used in the icon? Is it a texture or a brush?

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Hello, I've read the FAQ but the problem I'm facing right now isn't listed. I've been using PS CS3 Extended for a while now and I'm really happy about it because I downloaded it for free and it's really amazing. But now it gave me a problem and it's kinda weird. I'm trying to hit UNDO (Ctrl+Z) and it's working. But when I hit ALT+CTRL+Z which is STEP BACKWARD (it's just like Undo many times right?) it just won't work. So I can't Undo many times like I did before and it's pissing me off. I had to go through the whole process or copy palettes to another layer just to get what I want. So yeah.. Please please please, someone help me 'cause I'm dying D;

Thank you in advance! :D

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I have problem. I have this picture (under the cut) and it's really blue. My question is how do tone down all the blue. I tried and it look really bad. Thanks for the help.

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I have Photoshop Elements 5.0