September 26th, 2008

rob water for elephants lean on elbow

Request... couple a question about mini-movies

Hey everyone! So I just learned how to make mini-movi animations and I can make this: to where it is under 39.1KB to post on threads.
And I am wondering
1. How can I get it on a cool background like this: or something, and
2. keep it under the 39.1KB rule?

And I also have one more question...
When making mini-movies in photoshop/imageready, and you jump to photoshop to adjust the coloring,etc... is there a way to sharpen the animation besides having to click each thumbnail and sharpen individually?
I use Photoshop, Imageready, & ImageGrab, as well as PSP7 and Animation Shop. I've tried searching and stuff but I'm not seeing any that says about the size rule...
Thanks so much in advance!

Layer masks?

hey hey .

errm... I've got a problem with layer masks. Well i know that they're existing but i have no idea for what i can use them for or rather why they're existing ... so....
...What are layer masks? Why is it better using them instead of normal layers/ is it better using them? Whats the difference between layer masks and normal layers and how can i use them (effects and stuff like that...)
thanks in advance! I hope you can understood my english (:


Avril Lavigne tutorial

I'm going to teach you to get the coloring above using the GIMP. This tutorial is translatable to most other programs and involves only color balance layers, brightness/contrast layers, channel mixer layers, and color fill layers.

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Comments are appreciated! And I'd love to see your results! :)