September 28th, 2008

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PSP7 Window Trouble

Hello all!

I'm having a problem with PSP 7 lately. Everytime I click on an image to open it up using PSP7, it opens a new window for each image. This is a huge pain since looking for a specific image through File -> Open takes forever if you want to use multiple textures from folders, not to mention blend a few images together.

Is there anything to be done? Thank you.
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(no subject)

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I might go about achieving this animation effect.

Not the panning across the image part. The 'speed-blur-like' transition. I've searched though the memories, but I haven't anything that helps my situation. Any ideas?
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Disney - Cinderella is a good finder :3

Celebrity Photoshoots...?

I promise that the only reason why I'm posting this is because I'm desperate to find the answer to my question...

My question: Where do you find pictures of bands, celebrity photoshoots, and people on the red carpet (but not movie screencaps)? I have reason to believe that this post is allowed because as it states in the rules, "A (limited) gateway to other resource & instructional communities and websites." I looked at this, as was suggested in one of the FAQ posts, but most of the websites aren't up anymore, and the others have outdated celebrities. I know that there are websites/LJ communities out there, but I simply can't find them, and it's driving me crazy!

(I've looked at Sweetandtalented, but they don't have that many photos of most celebrities....)

If this isn't allowed, then I'm really sorry! =/

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looking for a tutorial

i really hope someone can help me ... I really don't remember how long ago this tut was posted ... stupid me forgot to add it to my memories ... Im trying to find this for me and for my friend ... I know I made the icon I am using for this entry from the tut. I remember there was like 9 layers of textures and it dealt with "revel all" layer option. I really hope that this might sound familiar to someone. If you can help that would be awesome

and mods im sorry i dont know how to tag this