September 30th, 2008

*forgot who made this D:

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This contains one selective coloring step but that can be skipped
with minimal changes to the end product. :D

Includes color layers, hue/saturation, color balance, and channel mixer.

**Edited to add hex codes for the colors used**
The hex codes are added on the side so they may be positioned
a bit funny, sorry for that inconvenience D:

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Pop art tutorial

I was looking pop art tutorial, but i realized that i was really hard to find good ones. i found few, but i want more... so if someone could post some tuts :D thanks

EDIT:// i forgot to say that i just photoshop elements 5
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A few months back, I found a tutorial which explained how to use specific kinds of textures (eg. light textures/ scratch textures/ colourful textures etc) on icons. I had saved it to my computer, and all was well - however, THEN my computer crashed and I lost all the tutorials I had saved, and this was AFTER I made a new LJ and deleted my old one... WITH my memmed tutorials. AGH.

I don't remember much about this tutorial - I remember, though, that it gave examples of each texture and how to use them (eg. Texture Type x - can be used on screen, on soft light etc - example - and I think also stated how NOT to use them - eg, don't use Texture Type X on multiply)...

Yes, I know, I have no luck with textures. Help please? I already know about/ have saved the ownthesunshine texture tutorial, and it's very good but not the "textures - for - dummies" style one I was looking for. :(

... Basically, any texture use tutorials you can recommend are good. ;_;

(Stupid viruses.)

Edit - I have Photoshop CS3.
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How could I achieve this coloring?

BY: such_resilience


I use pscs2

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as close to the Original pic:

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I made an icon earlier from a .png starter image. When I tried to save it (used Save for Web PNG 24 in PSCS2), the reds were a lot more intense than they were in the original unsaved icon.


I solved the problem by taking a screenshot and cropping the icon out, but I'd still like to know the cause of this. So if anyone could enlighten me, that would be awesome.