October 5th, 2008

Disney - Cinderella is a good finder :3

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I've looked in the memories and Google'd numerous times for this, but I really don't understand it and can't find the answer.

Is it possible to screencap DVDs in Windows Media Player without using ctrl+I or the printscreen button? Right now I have a PowerDVD free trial, but it's about to expire.

I hope that this post is okay (I honestly try to look everywhere I can before posting here)! Thank you! :)

clone stamp tool

hey guys! i need help with the clone stamp tool in photoshop... i read some tutorials but none of them helped .
the problem is, that when i want to select an area which i'd like to copy it copies the whole image instead of the selected area...
is that normal? i tried to do the "Alt-click-select"-thing but it didn't work.

thanks in advance ! (:

und hier noch für die hoffentlich anwesenden deutschen... (ich kann mich so relativ besser ausdrücken :D )

ehem ja also mein problem ist dass wenn ich das clone stamp tool (ich hab das englische ps.) benütze es eben das ganze bild ansteller der ausgewählten stelle kopiert... nervig nervig.. kann mir wer helfen?