October 6th, 2008


Vignette effect.

Hi,I'm looking how to create this vignette effect, I have paint shop pro. Not just the vignette alone, but also the almost glowy effect that goes along with it too, as though the middle of the photo is much brighter than the rest, which is brighter than it would normally be just adding a darker colour to the corners.
Does anyone have any suggestions, tutorials, actions or masks?
Here are the examples:

「錦戸亮」love me more.

Lots of requests D:

Does anyone know how to get this 'torn paper' effect?

Made by aishiyokohime

I've seen quite a few people do this technique in all sizes, for icons and desktops (but I can't seem to find a larger example atm other than that icon one), so I'm pretty sure it's not a texture (but if it's possible to get it in texture format, that'd be lovely \o/ ). I'm currently using Photoshop 7.0. Thanks in advance

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Icon table generator update!!!

(OT; posted with etoilepb's one-time permission.)

First of all, the generator has a new home - two of them, in fact! - because my hosting's gone.

@ morning-songs.com, kindly provided by summertea
@ roseclear.net, kindly provided by another_myself

(MUCH hugs and thanks to you guys! Also, another mirror should be added soonish.)

Secondly, I added (better late than never, I guess...) an option to put the icons in a div instead of a table. I recommend you use that option. The table-based layouts are pretty and neat and all, but they CAN break layouts/flists. Without going into technicalities, this can happen if the number of icons you're posting is not divisible by the number of icons you choose to have in a row (e.g., 29 icons in rows of 4). The div-based layout is much safer to use.

That's all! Change your bookmarks, report any errors! (There shouldn't be any, but, you never know.)