October 9th, 2008

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I use Photoshop CS3 on a mac, the picture of the right is what my image looks like in photoshop (when I open it after saving, or what it looked like before I save it) then, the image on the left is what it looks like out of photoshop.

I had this same problem a couple of months ago and I couldn't fix it for my life, I ended up going through a lot of color setting changes and stuff like that, and re-installing my copy of photoshop. However, now it doesn't happen with all my caps just this set of caps. The only difference I can tell is when I open these files the "color manage, don't color manage" option doesn't come up.

Help! I really like this batch when they are in photoshop, I really want to be able to share and use them.
Ps. I do use the "save for web" option.
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Photoshop Print Screen problem

I've looked in the archive and haven't seen anything that helps so I'm asking here in the hope that somone knows.

I use Photoshop CS3 and when I 'Print Scr' and copy the picture into Photoshop and crop/resize it the picture goes pixelly. If I copy and paste a picture into Photoshop and crop/resize it it stays non pixelly so the problem just relates to 'Print Scr'.

It worked fine up until a week or so ago and then this started happening so I think I have changed a setting, I just don't know what I did so could anyone help me fix it please?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Getting rid of grayscale?

Does anyone know how to get rid of grayscale? I'm trying to color this new manga I found about called Franken Fran & I love it but the mood and the style of the manga calls for a dark shading hence the grayscale. Anyone know of any tutorials?
I use Photoshop CS3 Extended. TIA!

Bigger image under cut!

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poppy flowers tutorial

using photoshop cs3, not translatable:uses selective colouring, colour balance, channel mixer, levels, etc.
                                                               finished product and original base.

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rob water for elephants lean on elbow


Please someone help me!!  I've wracked my brains trying to figure this stupid thing out.
I have been using this tutorial: http://community.livejournal.com/street_of_mercy/30191.html?page=1#comments and it's been working great up until the text part.  I was trying EVERYTHING to get it to work and then I realized that Step 6, where it says to click the little arrow on animation to "make frames from layers" and I realized that it is greyed out, I cant use that option, which means I cant deselect the duplicated picture, and I cant add text.  I need help bc I'm seriously frustrated trying to figure this out!! 

I've tried other tutorials as well but something isnt working bc I cant get past the animation part.
I use PS and IR.  & yes, I am new to making animated icons...
Thanks in advance. 

edit - oh and instead of at the beginning dragging each cap onto the next, I just go to file - import - folder as frames.  dont know if that matters??