October 10th, 2008

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Heres my 24th tutorial i hope ya'll enjoy it and find it useful. Learn how to make the following.

from this to this

Made in Photoshop CS . Using: curves, selective color, channel mixer, levels, color balance.
( this is first time ive ever used levels.)
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Hello everyone, I have a ... hopefully ... simple request.

I've been trying to make some anime related icons lately, and I'm so used to working with game / 3D icons and images that I'm having some troubles.

So, any tutorials would help. From coloring to some fancy looking stuff.
Any help, please and thanks! ♥
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Animated Icon Tutorial

I've seen a lot of people have trouble figuring out how to make animations/.gifs in Photoshop CS3 Extended, so I wrote this tutorial to help. I'm assuming that you already have the video clip you want to turn into a .gif. If you don't know how to do that, I'd suggest googling for tutorials on that. I personally use QuickTime Pro, but that's just me. This tutorial will teach you how to make something similar to this:

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  • It should be noted that this is just one of the many ways to go about making animated icons. If you'd prefer to make them from individual screencaps rather than a video clip like in this tutorial, I also wrote one (though for CS2) that uses that method here.

  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll do my best to assist you.
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Can someone please help?

So I would like to add brushes and textures to my programs [I use PSP and Photoshop] but I dont know where to start.  I don't know the difference between .jbr and .abr and I don't know how to load them in there.  :(
Can someone direct me to the correct path for Blondes using programs?
Thanks in advance!

Sidenote - I was also wondering if someoen knew of a LJ like Icon_Tutorial except for WPs and Banners?  Thanks so much!