October 13th, 2008


I was just wondering, would anyone be so kind as to point me to a tutorial on how to achieve colorings like these?

ICONS are by: obaona
I love the coloring and how the icons are bright but still sharp.

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Tutorial: colouring

I originally made this tutorial for severalplums community (a nice icon challenge community that requires the winner and the one that get's the Mod's invitation to post a tutorial to teach the others how they made their icon) and thought that I could post it here as well.

I am using Photoshop 7,0 ME and there are Curves, Color Balance, Hue/Saturation, Brightness and Contrast and Gradient Maps used in this tutorial.

We're going from Photobucket to Photobucket

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Enhancing too grainy images?

I searched through the tags/memories but I guess I'm not ctrl+fing the right words because I don't come up with links that could help me.

Would any of you know how to to remove the grainy effect from this picture by keeping the high resolution? The camera was of low quality and I've tried blurring and reducing the noise with multiplied and screened layers but nothing gives me something that looks 'just right' so I'd appreciate any help. Pointing me to old posts I obviously missed would also be nice. :3

I use PSCS2 btw~

Thank you!
Disney - Cinderella is a good finder :3

Text problem with anti-alias

Again, I'm really confused.

I recently got a new laptop with PSCS3 (before I had CS2), and I'm having a small problem with the text. When I use Georgia in a small type - sizes 7 through 10 - I like the edges to be fuzzy. In order for this to work, I know that anti-alias has to be set to "crisp." I usually just keep it on that setting because it makes fonts look better, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, my anti-alias is set to crisp, the font is Georgia size 8, and still the font doesn't have fuzzy edges. Is it because of CS3, or are there more settings to change this?
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You'll have to forgive me in case of the following;

1. It was already posted and I accidently skipped over it in my searching.
2. If it isn't allowed.

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I am interested in learning how to make animated gifs. I've added to my memories many great tutorials from here that can help, so it isn't so much a question as how to do it... but as to.. what to use to get something that will fit properly into Photoshop CS3.

I've seen suggestions for programs such as QuickTime and something called VirtualDub, but QuickTime gives me nothing but a white screen for every video I open and I cannot seem to proceed to do anything on VirtualDub because it causes an error and shuts down.

I know I've installed everything correclty (I've even gone and uninstalled just to reinstall again.) And I have the right requirements to use both programs on my computer. Yet neither seems to want to work.

So is there anything else I can use that might help me to get clips from full-length shows/movies/music videos..?
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My 3rd Tutorial

Hey! This icon tutorial is of the extremely beautiful and talented Jessica Stroup who plays Erin Silver on 90210.

From this:Photobucket To this:Photobucket

Program: Photoshop CS3
Translatable: no, selective color
Steps: 9
Uses: curves, selective color, fill layers
Difficulty: easy/medium

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Sora & Riku, Kingdom Hearts

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How could I get this black and white effect?
If you look closely, specific shadings are coloured in a more red-ish manner,
but I can't seem to find any tutorials on it.
I found the pictures on google, so I couldn't ask the maker.

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I was wondering if you guys can help me or showing me any tutorial, to make something like this http://loveth-music.4fans.net/history/images/history.png or if you don't know any tutorial just try to explain me how can I get something like that.
thanks in advance <3