October 16th, 2008

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Hey everybody!
Im new here, trying to learn how to make good icons....been readin' and such.
Anywho, a friend made me these two .gifs but they wont upload on here because the file is too heavy.
Each is over 100KBs and I believe the max here is 40? I would really not like them to be altered in terms of being 100X100...they look good!
I have no idea how to make them weigh less. Re-sizing doesnt seem to be working, as that would make them smaller as well.

I'm on an iMac but I dont, as of yet, use any editing software. I just purchased Aperture 2 and will install and learn it soon, but I havent gotten it yet so I dont know- 

If you know how to do it on Aperture, explaining would be great too!

Here they are, in case you know how to help me.
cat in beanies - no stealing!
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Tutorial : Buttons/Circle

This is made under request by stellarsky

This tutorial is about making buttons or just rounded images

From Photobucket to Photobucket

Program : Photoshop CS2
Translatable : I think so. Its pretty simple.
Steps : About 10 :)

Its image heavy just to help those who are beginners :D but if you've basic knowledge of photoshop, this will be a breeze :)

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