October 21st, 2008


Hi everyone,

I saw a beautiful icon of Michelle Trachtenberg but, the thing is, I don't know what the colouring used was...
So if you could help me doing this Hebergeur d'images it'd be great.

Thank you a lot

(no subject)

Hi! I use Photoshop 7.0 and I've had this problem ever since I got it: When I try to move a selected item around using the move tool, it moves fine except for when I get too close to the edges. When I get close enough I sort of pops to the edge, the farthest it can go.. and I don't really have a lot of control when I'm near the sides of my canvas. I feel like there's a setting at the top to turn this setting off (to the right of where it says "show bounding box".. all those shapes) but the shapes are grayed out and I can't click them

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for any of your help!