October 23rd, 2008

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I have looked high and low... can you all give me every tut you know of that would give good coloring on disney movies? Any and all would be muchly appreciated. I cannot color the caps well for the life of me =0/

I use pscs2 and would love tuts, especially .psds!
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Creating pennant text

I'm certain there is a quick solution to this, but I've never known—

Does anyone know how I would be able to manipulate type to mimic pennant text?
I use Photoshop and Illustrator, so solutions using either of those programs would be great.
Thanks much.

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I hope me asking this here is alright.
Sorry, if it isn't.

But...I'm okay w/ icon making, thing is--I can't manage to find the perfect text and the way it's written, placed, etc for my icons.
I SUCK w/ using text on icons, which is probably why they're always bare.

Is there a comm, or any suggestions, ideas, anything for me to learn how to use text on icons and make it look good? If you need examples of my icons w/ text, just let me know.


Viggo: HUH ?

Animation tut for CS3 ?

Can anyone point me to a tutorial (pref. an idiot proof one) for making animations in CS3 ?
All I could find were tuts for CS2 using ImageReady, which seems to be integrated in CS3.
(for instance most CS2 tuts start with Go to file >> import >> folder as frames - which I can't find in CS3 even when the animation window is open)

Thanks in advance !