October 24th, 2008

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I hope that it's ok that i am asking this. I used to use PS7 but today i bought PS CS3 & i was wondering if any one may kind enough to share with me some links to some tutorials that were specifically made with CS3 that you have found useful & would recommend or you're own if you'd like, pretty please?

Anything & everything is greatly appreciated.
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i am using psp7 and the Jasc animation shop it comes with...and no matter how many times i try to optimize these two animations, they are well over the limit that lj allows for icons.

any help in making these animated .gifs to the required lj limit amount would be so helpful. i'd be so grateful because i just can't seem to make it all work. i even feel silly for asking..but i haven't really had much experience in making animated icons.

i did look through the memories and i just can't make heads or tails over it. sorry. =/

thanks in advance for any and all help!!

on to the two animations!

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how can i get this effect:

i mean the red-green-blue and at the same time  very pale skin?
hope you get what i mean, sorry for the little image but it is from my skype ... if anyone can help it will be awesome
thanks :)