October 27th, 2008

Text issues

I'm having issues with my text in Photoshop.

Occasionally, when I close Photoshop then open it again later, the text is messed up.
As in, when I go to use the text tool, I'll have it set at size 12, but the text will come out HUGE.
Like at size 36 instead. IDK why it's doing this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I use Photoshop CS and I have no screenshots because my laptop is retarded right now and that's where I've got Photoshop.
Problem solved!

Mask off

A question; I use tons of new adjustment layers instead of using just adjustments but now photoshop makes the n.a.l. a mask layer which obviously isn't the same as a normal layer. I do it exactly like used to. Have restarted PS. Tried to purge as well (getting error "cannot purge"). Restarted computer. Still there. What to do ?
It had been wonky for like forever for now - and yes I did try all the edge help I got and none of it worked. Thanks to everyone who bothered to help anyway.

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