October 28th, 2008

Animation Tutorial


Want to learn how to make animations like that? This I find to be the easiest way to make a gif, it's completely simple, & all you require are two programs KMPlayer & Imageready. Now don't pout because you don't have them, KMPlayer is a free program & you can find it here. Also, if you go find a trial version of Photoshop CS2 it will come with Imageready, it's still usable when your trial has expired or has already expired. =)

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I have two questions:

Does anyone know who made this radiant icon and 2nd can you give a tutorial for this icon?

2.) Does anyone of you have a tutorial for bright/colorful icons for me? Please post your best tutorials <3

I need tuts for icons like this...

<3 Thank you guys!

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I'm sorry for spamming

Like I posted in my previous entry, I cannot make rounded edges in my PS. I highly appreciate all the help I've gotten already even though I still haven't achieved rounded edges. Anyhow, I just wanted to post again 'cause the last suggestions I got from thbogzdd & xsammy09x give me this as a result. The previous result was this like the entry says. I have restarted my PS, my computer, cleared all the possible options to default in PS and here we are.
Should I start giving up and just re-install PS ?

Any possible help will be extremely highly appreciated.