October 31st, 2008

kaidan; armor

Problem with Adobe Photoshop CS2

Since yesterday I have this really annoying border around every layer. If I choose a new layer there's always this effing border. If I press Ctrl+H once or twice it disappears but it doesn't take long and it appears again every time when I click on another layer in the layer window and it's annyoing as hell.

Does anybody know how I can get rid off it?

Thanks for any kind of help in advance. ETA solved.
Red roses

Help, animation trouble

This was made in Photoshop CS3 Extended.
I'm currently having two problems.

One, I want to place a 100 px by 100 px background, you know icon-sized. I've been trying forever and looking at every tutorial I could locate. Either, it's not explaining exactly what I need, or I just can't understand the,

Second, my animation is extremely slow, but I've set the delay to 'no delay', so I'm not sure what's happening with that?