November 5th, 2008


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Includes PSD.

I'm not too sure if this will even come handy to anyone, seeing as there are a bunch of lightening tutorials out there for caps, but it also has some coloring techniques you might find useful.
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Dallas Green Hat

Selective Colouring Tutorial

Go from
in six or ten relatively easy steps!

* Used Photoshop
* Non-PS version under cut
* Selective Colouring
* Can be translatable with Channel Mixer and Colour Balance

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butcher & william ♥

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I made this icon of Kyle Burns. Here's what it looks like on my Photoshop.


But, here's what it looks like, after I save it. [And, this isn't just what it looks like after being uploaded to photobucket- it's saved on my computer like this. :|]


I save the image as .PNG - and this hasn't really happened before- or at least I never noticed it before?

Any help would be appreciated! :)